East Harlem

Grantee NameFund for Public Health in New York
Project Title: East Harlem Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative
Grant Amount: $600,000

Grantee NameFund for Public Health in New York
Project Title: East Harlem Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative Phase 2
Grant Amount: $200,000

Community Fast Facts
  • The median income in East Harlem is $33,500.
  • 31% of residents live below the federal poverty level.
  • 44.2% of children live in poverty.
  • The unemployment rate in East Harlem is 12%.
  • The obesity rate is 33%.
  • The smoking rate is 19%.
  • The diabetes rate is 13%.
 Project Goals
  • Increase access to fresh, affordable produce (wholesale and retail);
  • Enhance the physical environment to be responsive to the community’s needs and conducive to a healthy lifestyle;
  • Improve visibility and increase use of existing neighborhood resources for physical activity; and
  • Increase income and opportunities for economic mobility for residents.
What We’ve Achieved to Date

Healthy Foods:

  • Launched a Fresh Food Box program and distributed 2,269 food boxes (approximately 25,729 pounds of food) to community residents; and
  • Launched a healthy restaurant program, highlighting healthy offerings and low-calorie options.

Built Environment & Physical Activity:

  • Developed a set of goals, designed a path, and created and tested a street assessment tool for the East Harlem Community Walking Trail;
  • Conducted street intercept surveys and street assessments along the Walking Trail;
  • Connected community groups to funding to activate the Walking Trail and other open and public spaces;
  • Hosted discussion sessions with residents on improving pedestrian safety and their walking experience; and
  • Organized bilingual (English and Spanish) Shape Up NYC fitness instructor trainings.

Community Engagement:

  • Led workshops contributing to the East Harlem Neighborhood Plan, which will inform the City’s rezoning process and guide projects for neighborhood development;
  • Carried out multiple MAPSCorps data collection projects to create comprehensive maps of neighborhood assets and share them with the community;
  • Held the first East Harlem Health Action Summit in June 2016, which awarded $250,000 in grants to resident-driven, resident-selected projects, including a family-walking program that connects residents with neighborhood resources;
  • Created a shared calendar to cross-promote events happening in East Harlem; and
  • Hosted the Health in Action Community Celebration in June 2017 to recognize how community activation grants have improved the health of residents.
What We’re Investing In