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Accelerating Change Through 100-Day Challenges

  • By: NYSHealth
  • Date: March 2017
  • Priority Area: Building Healthy Communities
  • Type: Grant Outcome Reports
  • Category: Grant Outcome Report
  • Grantee Name: Rapid Results Institute, Inc.


NYSHealth launched the Healthy Neighborhoods Fund initiative to help New York State communities become healthier and more active places. Although all the communities are working toward the common goal of improving the health of their residents, each community may face particular challenges. In response, NYSHealth is supporting these communities with more specialized technical assistance (TA) to help them meet their goals. In 2015, NYSHealth awarded a grant to the Rapid Results Institute (RRI) to provide TA to the Clinton County Health Department (CCHD) to increase physical activity among its residents. Under this grant, RRI worked with CCHD on implementing RRI’s 100-day challenge plan, a methodology that challenges organizations to achieve radically ambitious yet tangible and measurable goals in 100 days. CCHD’s goal was to increase participation in senior walking programs by 300% and increase new participation by youth in physical activity programs by 50%.

Grantee: Rapid Results Institute, Inc.

Dates: March 2015 – December 2015

Grant Amount: $73,513

Grantee Website:

Grant ID:  15-03317

Outcomes and Lessons Learned:

  • Achieved CCHD’s goals to increase participation in both its senior walking programs and youth physical activity programs ahead of the 100-day deadline;
  • Created a social media campaign to promote public awareness of CCHD’s physical activity programs;
  • Assisted CCHD to create a new culture of work that focuses on innovation and efficiency; and
  • Helped CCHD secure strategic partnerships with other county agencies and community-based organizations for continued collaboration.

Although RRI successfully led CCHD on the 100-day challenge, CCHD learned that undertaking a new culture of work can be difficult and slow. Specifically, there was a lack of support from key decision-makers within CCHD and its partners, which lessened opportunities to share the project’s accomplishments and gain backing for project sustainability and scaling strategies. However, RRI worked with CCHD staff to effectively reach out to these leaders for support in the future.

Co-Funding and Additional Funds Leveraged: N/A