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People with Disabilities

Nearly 20% of the U.S. population has some type of disability—ranging from mild to severe. Many people with disabilities do not let their condition define them and can lead full, active lives working and living in their communities. However, they do face barriers to health and health care and have greater health disparities as compared with people without disabilities. People with disabilities are less likely to receive recommended preventive health care services, are at high risk for poor health outcomes, and experience challenges in engaging in health promotion activities, such as using fitness centers or being physical activity. Of those living with some type of disability in New York State, 39% are obese (compared with 23% with no disability); 17% have diabetes (compared with 7% with no disability); and 40% have experienced depression (compared with 11% with no disability). NYSHealth has supported a range of efforts to remove barriers and improve access to health care for people with disabilities.

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