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Oral Health

Tooth decay is largely preventable and treatable, but many New Yorkers lack access to effective preventive measures and to dental care services. As a result, they suffer from acute and chronic dental pain and the burden of high dental treatment costs.

Data shows that 51% of New York adults said that they have lost one or more teeth to decay or gum disease. Dental decay also remains the most common chronic childhood disease in America, and children from low-income families in New York are more likely to have untreated decay than their wealthier peers. Nationally, 25–35% of children in low-income families have never seen a dentist by the age of five. Consequently, dental issues are often treated in emergency departments and ambulatory surgery settings.

NYSHealth grantees are working to provide dental services in underserved areas, develop and disseminate balanced information about oral health, and scale up sustainable programs across New York State.

Learn more about some NYSHealth grantees working to improve oral health in New York:

Foundation for Quality Care
Mouth Care Without a Battle: Improving Oral Health Care for Older Adults in Nursing Homes

Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy
Improving Oral Health in New York State

New York University College of Dentistry
  •  A Model Partnership: Meeting Pediatric Dental Needs in Dutchess County
  •  Columbia County Oral Health Intervention Program

Albany Medical Center
Scaling Up the WIC Smiles Program

Family Health Network of Central New York
Clean Teeth = Better Health: Rural Dental Expansion

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine
Integrating Diabetes Screening in Dental Care Settings

New York State Dental Foundation
Donated Dental Services

Sunset Park Health Council (Lutheran Family Health Centers)
Dental Clinic Preservation and Expansion

Columbia University
Primary Care in the Dental Office: The Case for Diabetes Mellitus

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