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Diabetes Prevention

An estimated 4.5 million people in New York State have prediabetes, a condition that puts them at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes and its complications. An additional 1.8 million—almost 10% of the State’s population—have Type 2 diabetes. Complications from prediabetes and diabetes can lead to unnecessary hospitalizations and premature mortality. However, diabetes is largely preventable and manageable, and evidence shows that lifestyle intervention strategies can be effective in preventing diabetes.

NYSHealth has supported a range of activities to curb the diabetes epidemic, including working to replicate, scale up, and promote lifestyle interventions; increasing the capacity of faith-based organizations to deliver diabetes prevention and management services; and introducing point-of-care screenings into primary care and dental offices.

Learn more about some of the initiatives NYSHealth has supported in this area:

New York Academy of Medicine
Understanding Factors Related to Discontinued Participation in the NDPP: A Qualitative Inquiry

Laying the Groundwork to Scale Up the National Diabetes Prevention Program in New York
Full List of Grantees

American Diabetes Association, Inc.
  •  Demand, Refer, and Reimburse: Increasing Uptake of the Diabetes Prevention Program in New York State
  •  American Diabetes Association Prediabetes and Diabetes Conference

Urban Health Plan
Integrating the National Diabetes Prevention Program into UHP Self-Management Programs

The Fund for Public Health 
Scaling Up the NDPP Among the New York City Workforce

University at Albany Foundation/Center for Excellence in Aging & Community Wellness
Replicating the National Diabetes Prevention Program Among Primary Care Providers

Columbia University
Primary Care in the Dental Office: The Case for Diabetes Mellitus

Healthcare Industry Grant Corporation
Caring for Our Healers: 1199 SEIU Diabetes Prevention Program

Viridian Health Management, Inc.
In-Depth Technical Assistance to Help Laying the Groundwork Grantees Sustain and Expand the NDPP

New York Academy of Medicine
  •  Planning Grant to Leverage Federal Funds to Evaluate the DPP in Vulnerable Populations in Non-YMCA Settings
  •  Focusing on Health: An Evaluation of Faith-based Diabetes Programming

YMCA of New York State, Inc.
Implementing the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program Across New York

Institute for Leadership, Inc.
  •  Replicating the Nationally Recognized Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) in Faith-based and Other Community Settings
  •  New York State Faith-Based Diabetes Initiative


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