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Survey Results for How People Find and Use Health Care Price Information

April 6, 2017

On April 6, 2017, NYSHealth, Public Agenda, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) held a public release of national and state (New York, New Hampshire, Florida, and Texas) surveys on how people view, seek, understand, value, and respond to health care price information. 

Conducted by Public Agenda with support from RWJF and NYSHealth, the surveys offer new data that can contribute to current health care policy debates. The data show a large gap between the information people need and ongoing transparency efforts. Among the findings, many people are not aware that doctors’ prices vary for the same services. Importantly, people say there is not enough information on how much medical services cost and that states and medical providers should play a larger role in helping people find and use price information.

Speakers were:

  • David Sandman (moderator), President and CEO, NYSHealth
  • David Schleifer, Director of Research, Public Agenda (download presentation slides)
  • Jo Porter, Director, Institute for Health Policy and Practice, and Co-Chair, All-Payer Claims Database Council
  • Josh Seidman, Senior Vice President, Avalere Health (download presentation slide)
  • Lynn Quincy, Director, Healthcare Value Hub, Consumer Reports (download presentation slides)

Read the full report on the national and state-specific surveys.

Read a brief on the national and state-specific surveys.

Read a brief on the New York-specific findings.

Access briefs for Florida, Texas, and New Hampshire, along with the methodology and other supporting materials for the surveys.

Read the speakers’ biographies.

Watch a video of the briefing below: 

00:00 David Sandman
05:05 David Schleifer
27:13 Lynn Quincy
40:05 Jo Porter
53:10 Josh Seidman