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Reporting in the ‘Fake News’ Era: A Conversation With Charles Ornstein

September 11, 2017

On September 11, 2017, NYSHealth hosted Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charles Ornstein, senior reporter covering health care at ProPublica, for a wide-ranging conversation about the evolution of journalism and health care.

Mr. Ornstein spoke about how journalists break through the clutter of a growing, unfiltered social media landscape; what they need and want from health care experts and other sources; and some of the consequences of growing distrust of the media.  

Mr. Ornstein emphasized the importance of fact-checking, both within news rooms and by external watchdogs such as and PolitiFact. He also described ProPublica’s efforts to strengthen its investigative journalism through crowd-sourcing and civic engagement. For example, ProPublica asked readers to share the communications they received from Members of Congress in response to letters about the Affordable Care Act; ProPublica and other media colleagues then fact-checked those responses and shared their analyses. In stretched newsrooms, readers are helping journalists stay better connected to what’s happening on the ground.

Watch a video of the event below:
(Please note that the video freezes for about 20 seconds starting at 0:32; it resumes normally afterward. Our apologies!)