Building Healthy Communities

Project Title

Bringing Healthier Food to Food Insecure New Yorkers

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Building Healthy Communities

Date Awarded

December 17, 2018




In Progress


Through its Healthy Neighborhoods Fund initiative, NYSHealth is supporting six communities across New York State to become healthier, more active places. Although all the communities are working toward the common goal of improving the health of their residents, each community may face particular challenges. By offering responsive and time-sensitive technical assistance funding to grantees and their partners, NYSHealth can help them meet their goals.  In 2018, NYSHealth awarded the West Side Center for Community Life (WSCAH) a grant to partner with New York City emergency food provision organizations to bring fresh, local, healthy food to food insecure residents.

Under this grant, WSCAH will partner with New York City’s largest emergency food provision organizations to pilot the Collective Purchasing Alliance. The Alliance will harness the collective purchasing power of the City’s network of more than 1,000 emergency food organizations to bring fresh, local, healthy food to food insecure residents. The formation and implementation of the Alliance will reduce costs for emergency food organizations; increase the quality of food available for New Yorkers facing food insecurity; facilitate stronger collaboration among emergency feeding organizations; and create innovation in the work of feeding communities in need.