Project Title

A Pilot Project to Address Senior Hunger

Grant Amount


Priority Area


Date Awarded

December 9, 2020


North Country


In Progress



The global coronavirus has brought uncertainty and anxiety into people’s lives, workplaces, and neighborhoods, particularly for those who work to improve the health of our communities.

During this difficult time, many organizations across New York State are working tirelessly to keep people safe, especially the most vulnerable. In response, NYSHealth is supporting statewide and local efforts to address emerging health care and public health needs in the wake of the pandemic. In 2020, NYSHealth awarded the St. Lawrence County Health Initiative (SLCHI) a grant to address food insecurity among seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under this grant, SLCHI will help replicate a program to address senior hunger to additional food pantries in St. Lawrence County. The Senior Squad program was originally developed at a single food pantry location to bring items to homebound seniors and those with disabilities living in high-rise residences. SLCHI will partner with the SLC Food Access Program Alliance and its member network of food access programs to spread Senior Squad throughout the county. Food deliveries will be made to seniors who can’t access food pantries because of either a lack of transportation or concerns about COVID exposure. SLCHI will disseminate a toolkit to the Alliance’s food pantry members to help them replicate the program.The toolkit will also be shared with the Food Bank of Central New York to disseminate to the food pantries within the 11 counties it serves, greatly expanding the reach of the program.

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