Special Projects Fund

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Growing Up Strong in Western New York

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Special Projects Fund

Date Awarded

September 29, 2021


Western NY


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The first three years of a child’s life is a crucial period for ensuring long-term cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

But children living in poverty begin life at a disadvantage and are often deprived of essential needs for healthy early development. Within Erie County, Buffalo has the second-highest rate of childhood poverty for cities of comparable size, the majority of whom are children of color living at or below the poverty line. Pediatric primary care is an excellent opportunity to intervene, but pediatric primary care practices may lack the resources to identify families’ full social and emotional needs and to coordinate care for these children and families. The Growing Up Strong initiative is a regional pilot that uses HealthySteps, a national evidence-based model for pediatric care coordination, to help children from birth to age three thrive. In 2021, NYSHealth awarded the Independent Health Foundation (IHF) a grant to pilot Growing Up Strong at pediatric primary care practices in Erie County.

Under this grant, IHF will collaborate with participating primary care practices to restructure well-child visits to place greater emphasis on whole-child wellbeing and caregiver wellness. Universal screening tools will be used to assess both child and family needs, so children identified to be at the highest risk will receive the appropriate interventions and referral coordination. A trained HealthySteps child specialist will be embedded in each practice to join the care team and build strong relationships with families and providers. The specialist will implement the universal screenings, as well as provide prevention interventions, referrals, and ongoing follow-up for children and their families. Practices will adopt new workflows and processes to fully integrate the HealthySteps model at their sites. IHF will also serve as the connection between practices and the HealthySteps national coordinating office to support scale and sustainability of the program, including potential reimbursement structures with New York State.