Empowering Health Care Consumers

Project Title

Are We There Yet? An Analysis of Health Care Cost and Quality Consumer Tools and Recommendations for New York State

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Empowering Health Care Consumers

Date Awarded

July 25, 2017


Outside New York State


In Progress



As a result of increased cost-sharing, consumers are eager for health care quality and price transparency tools to inform decision-making and allow for comparison shopping.

An NYSHealth-funded survey by Public Agenda found that nearly half of New Yorkers have attempted to look up health care costs, but there is limited consumer awareness of websites that offer price or quality information. Additionally, the survey found that 80% of New Yorkers believe that the State should provide a way for consumers to compare health care prices. Despite consumer interest and some State efforts in this area, comparative health care quality and cost information remains largely obscured to the public. In 2017, NYSHealth awarded HonestHealth a grant to lay the groundwork for the State to provide timely, meaningful, and understandable information and enhance consumers’ ability to make informed choices.

Under this grant, HonestHealth, in partnership with Consumer Reports, will conduct an inventory of existing New York State and national online consumer-focused health care cost and quality resources and tools, assessing their assets and deficiencies. This inventory will be used to inform the State’s development of an all-payer database or the creation of a centralized repository of health care consumer tools and information. A final report will be prepared, providing a breakdown of each cost and quality website’s data, measures, and presentation. The report will identify best practices, gaps, and shortcomings of current New York State tools with recommendations for next steps. A searchable online reference of resources will also be posted, organized by state, market, and information shown.