Building Healthy Communities

Project Title

Center for Court Innovation Communications Support Project

Grant Amount


Priority Area

Building Healthy Communities

Date Awarded

January 22, 2021


Central NY


In Progress


Through its Building Healthy Communities priority area, NYSHealth has supported neighborhood-level approaches to improve access to healthy, affordable food and to activate spaces to encourage more physical activity.

To sustain the progress that has been made in these communities, it is important that neighborhood grantees have the tools and capacity they need to maintain and expand their initiatives and goals. Grantees have expressed a particular need for support in advocating for local policy change and solutions and effectively communicating their wins, goals, needs, and value. Strengthening these efforts will help ensure the long-term sustainability of the achievements and place-based work in each neighborhood. In 2021, NYSHealth awarded 41 Prospects a grant to support the Center for Court Innovation in its work to improve the health and safety of the Near Westside neighborhood of Syracuse.

Under this grant, 41 Prospects will coordinate with the Center on strategic marketing and communication campaigns to strengthen its policy advocacy efforts related to public safety and criminal justice system reform. In the Near Westside, the Center has focused on promoting healthy relationships, improving the health and safety of the community, and elevating the public’s perception of the neighborhood. 41 Prospects will help the Center undertake a strategic planning process to prioritize communications goals, identify obstacles, and make action plans that align with the most important organizational initiatives for policy change. 41 Prospects will organize and coordinate all the steps necessary to execute these campaigns, including strategies for increasing community involvement and attracting fundraising support. It will help the Center on building a system to evaluate grant opportunities, streamlining the application process, and positioning the organization for future growth.