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  • Idle-free School Zones: Reducing School Bus Emissions By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Special Projects Fund Date: May 2008 Type: Grant Outcome Reports, Grantee Name: Real World Foundation, Inc.

    In some parts of New York City, 25% of school-age children have asthma, more than twice the national rate. When students have difficulty breathing, they cannot focus on their schoolwork and often miss class time for visits to the school nurse. Vehicle exhaust is a major trigger of asthma problems. The Asthma Free School Zone program raises awareness of the importance of clean air around schools to reduce students’ exposure to asthma triggers.

  • Syracuse Mobile Crisis Outreach Project By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Special Projects Fund Date: April 2008 Type: Grant Outcome Reports, Grantee Name: St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center

    Syracuse residents with mental illnesses encounter a number of barriers when attempting to access quality mental health care. Too many individuals rely on a single source of acute mental health care— the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) at St Joseph's Hospital Health Center—despite whether or not they require intensive emergency services. Prior to 2007, CPEP had performed very limited outreach and used existing clinical staff to do so. CPEP’s leadership believed they could increase access to mental health services in the community through use of a mobile crisis team staffed by trained clinicians.

  • A Free Clinic for the Uninsured By: NYSHealth Priority Areas: Expanding Health Care Coverage Date: April 2008 Type: Grant Outcome Reports, Grantee Name: Social Ventures, Inc. Ithaca Health Alliance

    Some 10,000 residents of Tompkins County, N.Y., lack health insurance; many of the uninsured live below the poverty line. The Ithaca Free Clinic, the first to provide free medical care to uninsured residents, opened with limited hours in January 2006. With additional funding, Ithaca Free Clinic hoped to recruit additional volunteer health professionals, enabling significant expansion of the clinic’s operating hours and services offered, including a new pediatric clinic and public health education program.

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