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Other Focus Areas

  • NYSHealth maintains a special commitment to three areas of focus outside of our current programmatic priority areas (expanding health care coverage for New Yorkers, improving diabetes prevention, and advancing primary care). Learn more about our efforts meet the needs of returning veterans and their families; our Special Projects Fund; and our efforts to integrate care for mental health and substance use services. 

  • Veterans’ Health

    Veterans’ Health

    The NYSHealth Initiative for Returning Veterans and Their Families seeks to underscore that the health care, mental health, and social services issues returning veterans and their families face are not solely military issues, but public and community health issues that should be addressed by local and national government agencies, community-based organizations, and health funders.

  • Special Projects Fund

    Special Projects Fund

    Grants through our Special Projects Fund allow us to support projects that address an important health care or public health issue in the State, but are outside of our targeted priority areas. Eligible projects are coordinated interventions that take place over a specified period of time to achieve quantifiable results.

  • Integrating Mental Health and Substance Use Services

    Integrating Mental Health and Substance Use Services

    NYSHealth committed $10 million over five years to improve the integration of care for people who cope with mental health and substance use conditions at the same time. This work culminated at the end of 2012, but the Foundation continues to learn from this key investment.