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  • Mount Sinai School of Medicine Improving Access to High-Quality Care in East Harlem Priority Area: Special Projects Fund $149,750

    East Harlem has the highest rate of hospitalization and death from asthma in New York State. With proven and effective therapies available for asthma care, many emergency room visits and hospitalizations are preventable. This project sought to improve access to timely, high-quality follow-up care for adults with asthma in East Harlem who visit the emergency room or are hospitalized at Mount Sinai.

  • Mosholu-Montefiore Community Center, Inc. The Bronx Nutrition and Fitness Initiative for Teens (B'N Fit) Priority Area: Special Projects Fund $150,000

    Youth who live in the Bronx’s Fordham and Bronx Park neighborhoods have higher rates of overweight and obesity than do those who live in other New York City neighborhoods. The Bronx Nutrition and Fitness Initiative for Teens (B'N Fit) moved a youth obesity program from its hospital setting to Mosholu Community Center where youth already are engaged in various activities. The program involved the youths’ families in their weight control and reduction efforts.

  • Partnership for Results, Inc. The Resilience Project: Addressing Mental Health Concerns for Young Children Priority Area: Special Projects Fund $147,545

    More than 30% of rural Cayuga County children in kindergarten through grade three have emerging mental health and behavior problems that could be addressed effectively through early intervention. Access to mental health services in rural areas, however, is hampered by chronic poverty, limited insurance coverage, a shortage of mental health professionals, limited transportation, and great distances between health care access points. To improve early mental health intervention services to high-risk rural children, the Resilience Project—previously attempted only in urban schools—was implemented in the four largest rural school districts in Cayuga County: Port Byron, Union Springs, Jordan-Elbridge, and Cato. Paraprofessional mentors, closely supervised by a mental health clinician, used standardized resilience mentoring techniques to promote positive social, behavioral, and emotional development among high-risk children shown to have emerging behavioral and social-emotional problems in kindergarten through third grade. The results of the treatment groups indicated that the children had substantial and statistically significant improvements across three measures (assertiveness, behavior control, and task orientation), but no change in the fourth (peer sociability).

  • Phipps Community Development Corporation Nourishing our Community: A Food & Nutrition Education Project in the Bronx Priority Area: Special Projects Fund $100,000

    The South Bronx has more obese residents than elsewhere in New York City—27% of its residents, compared to 20% of New Yorkers citywide—according to a 2006 a Federal community survey. Contributing to the high rates of obesity and diabetes are unhealthy eating habits, which result in part from a lack of opportunities for acquiring fresh produce. The project sought to provide nutrition information and healthy food options for people living in an impoverished urban area.

  • Real World Foundation, Inc. Idle-free School Zones: Reducing School Bus Emissions Priority Area: Special Projects Fund $50,000

    In some parts of New York City, 25% of school-age children have asthma, more than twice the national rate. When students have difficulty breathing, they cannot focus on their schoolwork and often miss class time for visits to the school nurse. Vehicle exhaust is a major trigger of asthma problems. The Asthma Free School Zone program raises awareness of the importance of clean air around schools to reduce students’ exposure to asthma triggers.

  • Planned Parenthood of Northern New York Straight Talk: A Community Model to Reduce Unprotected Sex Resulting from Substance Abuse Priority Area: Special Projects Fund $65,706

    Rural Jefferson County in northern New York has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the State. Researchers at the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University and others have shown a connection between risky sexual activity and teens’ use of drugs or alcohol. Planned Parenthood of Northern New York, the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Council of Jefferson County, and Credo Community Center for the Treatment of Addictions formed a coalition to create a campaign to raise awareness of the interrelationship of substance abuse and unprotected sex.

  • St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center Syracuse Mobile Crisis Outreach Project Priority Area: Special Projects Fund $149,678

    Syracuse residents with mental illnesses encounter a number of barriers when attempting to access quality mental health care. Too many individuals rely on a single source of acute mental health care— the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) at St Joseph's Hospital Health Center—despite whether or not they require intensive emergency services. Prior to 2007, CPEP had performed very limited outreach and used existing clinical staff to do so. CPEP’s leadership believed they could increase access to mental health services in the community through use of a mobile crisis team staffed by trained clinicians.

  • Southern Tier Health Care System, Inc. Care, Compassion, and Counseling for Victims of Violence and Sexual Abuse Priority Area: Special Projects Fund $150,000

    Sexual assault and child abuse are public health concerns that have not benefited from the kind of innovation that has improved the quality of care in so many other areas. Southern Tier Health Care System addressed the problem of inadequate medical and social services for victims of violence and sexual abuse by implementing a Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner program and a Child Advocacy Center to serve Allegany and Cattaraugus counties.

  • Village Care of New York A Short-Stay Adult Day Rehabilitation Pilot Priority Area: Special Projects Fund $414,477

    Nearly half of all patients who are discharged from hospitals following a stroke or congestive heart failure (CHF) are readmitted to the hospital within one year, highlighting the need for better recovery options. To address this situation, Village Care of New York (VCNY) launched a pilot program to provide outpatient, short-term post-acute care in its Adult Day Health Center (ADHC) setting. The program was designed to demonstrate both the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of using this setting for post-acute patients who are not interested in or qualified for nursing home or certified home care, with the goal of reducing the number of patients who are readmitted annually to New York hospitals.

  • Unity Health System Deaf Community Home Health Aide Program Priority Area: Special Projects Fund $95,667

    Rochester and Monroe County, NY, have some 12,000–15,000 deaf and hard-of-hearing residents, an estimated 600 of whom are elderly. This grant to Unity Health System's home/community-based services supported training deaf individuals fluent in sign language to become home health aides to serve elderly deaf people living in Rochester and Monroe County.

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