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Planned Parenthood of New York City

  • Project Title: Expanding Access to Care on Staten Island for Young Adults
  • Priority Area: Special Projects Fund
  • Grant Amount: $53,538
  • Date Awarded: November 8, 2011
  • Region: New York City
  • Region: Staten Island
  • Website:
  • Grant Status: Complete


On Staten Island, a lack of accessible reproductive health services and deep concerns about privacy prevented many young people from seeking sexual and reproductive health services, including contraception, sex education, and screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. In 2011, NYSHealth awarded a grant to Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC) to collaborate with Community Health Action of Staten Island on establishing a PPNYC extension center clinic on Staten Island to provide comprehensive family planning services and help clients access health care coverage.

Grant Goal Highlights:

PPNYC set out to accomplish the following goals:

  • Provide comprehensive family planning and reproductive health services to an underserved, low-income community, and help clients apply for public health insurance benefits; and
  • Assess whether this service model could effectively address the gaps in health care services among underserved youth in other communities.

Grant Outcome Highlights:

Some of the outcomes PPNYC achieved included:

  • Provided sexual and reproductive health services through its mobile medical unit to 397 patients;
  • Established the only existing permanent PPNYC Staten Island center to provide care; and
  • Offered on-site public insurance screening and enrollment services.

Grantee Website:

Grantee Amount: $53,538

Women and Young People Benefiting from Better Reproductive Health Care
Ana knew she wasn’t ready to become a mother, but was apprehensive about birth control because she had heard that it could harm her body and ability to have children. After meeting with a counselor at a health center that had received training to better provide contraceptive services, Ana decided on an effective method that left her feeling safe and reassured. Learn more.


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