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Enroll NY: Hudson Center for Health Equity & Quality

  • Project Title: Expanding Health Insurance Coverage in New York State: Streamlining Facilitated Enrollment and Development of Web-Based Eligibility Assessment
  • Priority Area: Expanding Health Care Coverage
  • Grant Amount: $114,569
  • Date Awarded: November 15, 2007
  • Region: Mid-Hudson
  • Website:
  • Grant Status: Complete


The Hudson Center for Health Equity & Quality (the Hudson Center) developed, a Web-based, self-service insurance tool that uninsured New Yorkers can access online to learn about coverage options, determine their eligibility for public insurance, and begin the application process. The tool streamlines the largely on-paper enrollment process and paves the way for a paperless one. In 2009—the year following the end of the grant—the website had 8,692 unique visitors and an estimated 1,055 new enrollments were made through this system.

Grant Goals:

The Hudson Center hoped to achieve the following goals:

  • Transform a facilitated enrollment electronic application (FEEA™) for public insurance programs, originally designed to be used by facilitated enrollment agencies (FEs) into a self-service eligibility screening and enrollment website for use by prospective applicants.
  • Reach the majority of working poor, many of whom are eligible for public insurance programs and who have access to computers in the home, with health insurance offerings.
  • Enable consumers to enter as much information as required to satisfy the eligibility determination process for public health insurance, while also allowing consumers who do not wish to provide as much information online to enter the minimum information necessary to “presume” their eligibility.
  • Ensure that every viable candidate be given the opportunity to signal to the system his or her desire to be contacted, and to provide the necessary information for contacting that consumer. At the same time, the system would pre-screen such requests to ensure that only qualified leads be sent to FEs for follow up.
  • Make the Enroll NY website available statewide, and provide educational information about health plans operating in various counties.

Grant Outcomes:

The Hudson Center accomplished the following:

  • Detailed what the website should look like in terms of design, content, and functionality. Consulted with FEs and defined the minimum amount of data necessary to follow up with a Web-generated lead, turn it into a full application, and ultimately obtain insurance coverage for a person or family.
  • Collaborated with local health plans in Westchester and New York City to explain the project and their role as active participants. Community-based organizations also were engaged as partners who might drive traffic to the website.
  • Developed a brochure in English and Spanish publicizing the website and asked organizations to post links to the Enroll NY website on their own websites. In total, Hudson Center staff has engaged 29 FEs to link to Enroll NY.
  • Launched the website in December 2008 and expanded it statewide in May 2009.

Grantee Information:

Read the report associated with this grant, "An Assessment of New York State Health Foundation 2007 Health Insurance Coverage."

Download Grant Outcomes Report