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Foot Care and Diabetes Care: A Webinar with Dr. Paul Liswood

February 16, 2012

This webinar examines the impact of podiatric intervention on preventing amputations as a result of complications from diabetes.

Proper foot exams are a vital part of diabetes care, yet nearly 85% of amputations are precipitated by unchecked foot ulcers among people with diabetes.

For those who have or are at risk of diabetes, a podiatrist can detect signs and symptoms of the disease and provide treatments that help to prevent lower-limb amputations. A recent Thomson Reuters health care study concludes that doctors of podiatric medicine are critical to saving limbs from amputation, which can happen as a result of untreated complications from diabetes.

In this webinar, Dr. Paul Liswood of the New York State Podiatric Medical Association reviews findings from the Thomson Reuters study on the impact of podiatric intervention on preventing amputations.