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  • Putting Recommendations into Action: Improving Care Management in Hospital-Sponsored Teaching Clinics

    Hospital-sponsored teaching clinics face an inherent challenge. They seek to provide strong continuity of care for patients, yet they largely rely on a discontinuous workforce comprising medical residents. In 2010, NYSHealth provided a planning grant to Greater New York Hospital Foundation, Inc., (GNYHF) to identify opportunities to improve the quality and continuity of patient care without compromising the educational requirements of residency programs. The planning grant repeatedly identified the resident scheduling format as the single biggest hurdle to improving continuity of care for patients. In 2011, NYSHealth awarded GNYHF a grant to work with 15 residency programs—25% of all the programs in the State—to improve resident scheduling and care continuity through the implementation of models that have been successfully employed in other parts of the country.

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  • Opening Doors: A Sustainable Refugee Health Care Model

    This NYSHealth report examines the development, implementation, and replication of an innovative health care model for newly arrived refugees to the United States. The model makes primary care services available to refugees and allows health centers to provide that care in a sustainable, cost-efficient manner.

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  • The NYSHealth Enrollment Network: Expanding Health Insurance Access for New Yorkers

    This NYSHealth report takes a look at the lessons learned from NYSHealth’s Enrollment Network, a statewide initiative supporting community-based organizations to conduct outreach and enrollment activities targeting populations known to be uninsured at disproportionately high rates. 

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