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  • The NYSHealth Enrollment Network: Expanding Health Insurance Access for New Yorkers

    This NYSHealth report takes a look at the lessons learned from NYSHealth’s Enrollment Network, a statewide initiative supporting community-based organizations to conduct outreach and enrollment activities targeting populations known to be uninsured at disproportionately high rates. 

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  • New York’s All-Payer Database: A New Lens for Consumer Transparency

    This NYSHealth-funded report, prepared by the APCD Council, examines the issues related to the development of regulations and policies for an all-payer database (APD) in New York State. It also offers recommendations for State policymakers on the choices before them and seeks to preserve an expansive vision for the APD and the extent of its powers. 

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  • New York Payment Reform Scorecard

    These Catalyst for Payment Reform scorecards, supported by NYSHealth, provide a detailed look into how health care is being paid for in New York State and the types of value-oriented arrangements that are being used. The scorecards are the first in the nation to use comprehensive and fully representative data for the commercial market and the first ever to evaluate payment arrangements in the Medicaid market.

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